Join us

Interested in joining the Human & Machine Learning Lab? Interested candidates can apply through the links below. More generally, NYU offers very strong training in computational cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

Postdoctoral researchers

We consider postdoc candidates on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to Brenden if you are interested in a postdoc position.

Ph.D. candidates

Interested Ph.D. candidates are encouraged to apply to either the Ph.D. Program in Data Science (deadline usually December 1). or the Ph.D. Program in Cognition and Perception (deadline usually December 1).

In exceptional cases, it is possible to join the lab through the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and the Ph.D. Program in Neural Science, but it is strongly recommended that you apply through either Data Science or Cognition and Perception.

University policy states that you may only apply to one program at a time.

Current Master’s and undergraduates at NYU

We are glad that you are interested in research, although sadly we have a limited number of spots for Master’s and undergraduate researchers. The usual path is to take one of Brenden’s courses and do very well, as a stepping stone to starting a research project, although sometimes there are exceptions. You are welcome to reach out to Brenden and ask about opportunities.

Visitors, research assistants, and summer interns

Unfortunately, the lab does not offer positions for research assistants or summer interns. We also cannot host visiting researchers.